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Knox Presbyterian Church


Location:  Toronto

Building Area:  57,000 sq.ft.

Budget:  $9,500,000.00

Project Completion:  2020


Knox Presbyterian Church is located on the western boundary of the University of Torontos main campus in Downtown Toronto.  The site comprises three distinct building elements which includes the original church building (1905  1908), the Fellowship Hall (1961) and the late 19th century semidetached residence that acts as a gateway to the historic Harbord Village Community.


Our firm conducted a Building Review of the entire site in 1993 and outlined a twenty year plan for the repair and renewal of the entire site.  By late 2010, the church had undertaken a significant portion of this program at a cost of $4,000,000.00.  Conservation strategies were pursued to arrest damage and renew stone masonry, stained glass, slate roofs, copper flashings, etc, while at the same time undertaking site and building upgrades.  


In the spring of 2011, an update to the original building review recommended a ten year programme to address the remaining areas of work within the building at a cost of $5,500,000.00. 

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