Berkeley Street Theatre 


Extent of Work:  Exterior Renewal

Project Completion:  2012

Mechanical/Electrical:  Moon-Matz Ltd.

Contractor:  Phoenix Restoration Ltd.

Photography:  Jeremy O'Byrne


Located at 26 Berkeley Street, this complex was originally built by the Consumer’s Gas Corporation in 1887. The grand Richardsonian Romanesque buildings were vacated in the 1950’s and sat mainly abandoned until their conversion into a theatre complex in the 1970’s.  Today the buildings house Canada’s largest not-for-profit contemporary theatre company.


This phase of the restoration focused on renewing the East Facade of the Northern wing, which in the corner meets a previously restored facade by Taylor Hazell Architects Ltd. 


Dated facade components were removed and minimally replaced where necessary.  Excessively deteriorated portions of the façade were removed and re-built, while efflorescence and organic growth removed.    


The cornice, gutter, and rainwater leaders were rebuilt to a more proficient profile and fitted with heat tracing to protect the building from moisture damage in all seasons.